KSE in the News

MSNBC and Huffington Post both had me on to comment on controversy over the Next Generation Science Standards.

Well, really, I wouldn’t so much call it a controversy as a snippet of video that went viral on HuffPo, originally appearing at the Louisville Courier-Journal. It is kind of embarrassing bit of video, but it could have been worse. There was some really off the wall stuff said in the hearing, but scientists representing a variety of professional and educational organizations, and a grandparent representing Climate Parents held their ground very well.

You can view the entire 2 hour video here. I’ll be writing up some of the more interesting bits soon.



About Robert Bevins

I am a toxicologist/cell biologist, and am preparing a downloadable study guide for biology students, and in the past have taught at Georgetown College as both part time and full time faculty. The views expressed here are my own.
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