Comment policy

This group has the goal of improving science education in Kentucky. This is a topic of incredible importance to people from a wide variety of religious and cultural backgrounds. This is not a religious or anti-religious group, nor is it a group that supports any specific political party.

Your first comment will sit in moderation until an editor has a chance to look at it. That is a pretty common policy across the internet. Please be patient.

If you are warned regarding behavior, we may choose to block you from commenting. We will not edit, moderate or delete comments, except for the following infractions:

  • Spam – One of the most common spam comments is a positive generic comment, which if approved, gives the spammer the ability to post freely until somebody with administrative access can block them. If you want to say you like a post, please do, but we can’t guarantee that it will make it past the spam folder unless you include some context.
  • Hateful, abusive, or threatening – If you have an argument to make, do so without bigotry, abuse or threats. Insulting other commenters will not advance your position. If you are asked to apologize, please do so. If you don’t, you won’t be welcomed back. Threats are illegal and will be reported as needed.
  • Trolling or thread derailing. – Nobody likes trolls. If you want to discuss something different from what is being discussed, starting your own blog is quite easy.
  • Evangelizing. – Ours is a very broad community, with members coming from many faith traditions, and we seek to build consensus rather than emphasize our differences.
  • Posting quotes or verses without explanation – We welcome the expression of religious belief, but it is difficult to have a conversation without context. If asked for scientific evidence to support your position, please don’t respond with a verse.
  • Posting other people’s work without attribution – This is common courtesy. If you want to quote somebody, quote them. If another person is taking the time to write a reply, it is simply rude to respond by copying and pasting material from somewhere else.

Courteous commentary:

  • If you have a topic that you would like one of us to write about, feel free to tell make a suggestion.
  • If there is a youtube video you want to share, just post the link. Embedding a video takes up bandwidth, and can slow down loading speeds.
  • Please feel free to de-lurk and leave a comment. If you don’t understand something, ask. There is a good chance that somebody else would benefit from the clarification.
  • When you post, we would appreciate it if you use your real name, or at least the pseudonym that you use most often when online. Please use your real email address. I won’t disclose it without your permission, but if there is a problem with the HTML in your comment, I may need to contact you. If I really like what you write, I may want to contact you in order to ask you to write a guest post.

If you cannot manage to follow this flowchart on how to have a discussion, you probably should try again.


Leave a Reply. If this is your first comment on this blog, it will be held for moderation.

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